Mental benefits of scrapbooking to everyone

scrapookigWatching someone who is absorbed in the art of scrapbooking, as the observer you realize that there is more to participating in the hobby. Immersed in memorabilia and photographs, an artist appears to rise above the current stress of this life as the task offers a metal break from hard activities on the day. When shared with friends and loved ones, scrapbooking is also an avenue for spending quality time together while sharing ideas on a similar purpose.

Even as you learn about the benefits of this hobby, you should not accept the words of an insider, you need to try it yourself to believe. I used to work as a construction worker and as we all know, construction job is so physically and mentally demanding and so every weekend I needed something to relax my minds, until one of my friends introduced me to scrapbooking. It was fun and I even out of that art, an idea of becoming a truck driver was born. I realized that truck drivers earn a good salary and I joined in, a job that I enjoy doing alongside scrapbooking during my free time.

The benefits of scrapbooking have long been embraced by St. Jude children research hospital which just launched a therapeutic scrapbooking programs for parents about 10 years ago. According to a study published in the journal of psychology oncology that emphasizes on the influence of the scrapbooking sessions, scrapbooking was found to promote hopefulness as well as help parents expand their support network.

Even if scrapbooking is widely known and practiced all over the world, it’s used as a tool for mental health professionals is just developing. “I hope the experience at St Jude encourages others to try out this art in diverse settings with various groups, both young and old” said Paul McCarthy, a St Jude’s social worker.

Benefits of scrapbooking

One of the benefits of scrapbooking in the joy that one gets after creating a unique piece that calls for great thought and memories sharing.

The next one is the recording of events for great memories in the past, future, and to remember crucial occasions and life events that help to define individuals and families in unique ways.

The quiet and reflective mindset that comes with scrapbooking is a third benefit. In a culture where medication is usually the first resort for coping with stress and anxiety, scrapbooking offers a meaningful and helpful break from the stress of life.

The benefits of normalizing traumatic events such as illness, death or divorce by putting memories in a cohesive yet expressive form means that scrapbooking promotes not only self-expression  but also self-healing and a sense of inner peace and healing.

In conclusion, there is also a benefit of self-worth in putting the finishing touches on a signature project, which just like the person who created it is a inimitable creation, scrapbooking is a fun and rewarding hobby that offers hours of enjoyment after the book is complete.

Romantic Scrapbooking Tips For Relationship Albums

romantic scrapbookNothing can be quite impressive or more fitting compliment to a partner than a romantic scrapbook created specifically for them. A scrapbook that has pictures, keepsakes, and memories of the time you have spent with your partner, whether a boyfriend, a girl friend, wife, or even a husband can be an amazing gift. Your romantic scrapbook can be a perfect way to say “I love you” and can help you express your love to your partner in a way that words cannot explain. Regardless of the occasion, a scrapbook is probably the most personalized present that you can give your sweetheart and no one will ever duplicate it. Here are some ideas of creating a perfect romantic scrapbook:


How unique can it be? The first step in creating a relationship scrapbook is planning on what you want it to be about. You can do this by writing a point list and brainstorming ideas and then choose the right scrap-booking album. Chose the one that most closely represents the love and warmth you feel in your heart.

There are numerous types of different albums that are available depending on what you intend to put in your scrapbook. There is definitely one that you will feel it is right for you.

Make a list and print photos

After making some plans, you can now make a list of things that makes you love your partner. These can be big, small, qualities, inside jokes, memories, and many more. The next thing is to print out photos that you want to include in your album and then make sure you write love cards to complement them. For example, you can say, “I love how you helped me in deep conditioning my hair in the bathroom”, and then followed by 3 photos of you guys in the bathroom. My boyfriend is a medical practitioner, and I can remember when he was jobless and was spending time on the internet searching for the best samples of medical assistant resume to use when applying for the job. I found it funny and since I did not wish for him to ever forget where we came from, I took a picture of him when on the computer and he really loves the picture now that he already got a job.

Create cards and print decorations

After making a list and creating photos, it is about time you write down all the reasons as to why you love our partner on individual cards. Mine features the number of cards in the left corner, and I love on the right. Below goes the reason and then I leave a blank space to fix the pictures.  These can be hand written or you can type them on your computer.

If you happen to be doing this on your computer, you can print 4×6 rectangles and then print them out.  Also, you can adjust your settings on the printer to print directly onto note cards so that you would not have to deal with cutting out and gluing many pieces.

Decorate and wrap

Buying stickers can easily add up and help you save money. When I was making my own romantic scrapbook, I printed out clip-art that I glued to the margins and supplemented them with stickers.  Arrange all the photos and cards and add the numbers at the end once you are done with the arrangement. Fill the margins with your decorations and you are done.

With the above tips, you will surely ignite the fire of love in your heart as well as in the heart of your partner. You do not have to get stressed when looking for a perfect gift for your loved one. With a personalized romantic scrapbook, you will have a unique gift that cannot match any one else.

Importance of scrap-booking

scrapbookingMaking a scrapbook can be compared to having treasure chest and recording all the important events I your life. When you save the pictures ad items for your events you attended you get the opportunity to enjoy the experience once again.

Scrapbook allows you to be able to connect with other people whom you were I the same event with. If you wish to scrapbook your baby’s life, you can be able to share the joy ad awesome memories with him when he grows up. A scrapbook continues the connection that you have with others ad also helps you treasure the time you spend with them.

If you happen to be planning a future event, scrap-booking gives you more ideas of things that you can add to make the experience more memorable. Treasures of time, enjoyment, satisfaction, and encouragement that you share with your friends or even your baby make the connection even stronger.

Having to look through your treasure box can be compared to having to go for a vacation that gives you the refreshment and gives you an opportunity to move forward in the right track. You can add the experiences that you wish to be remembering for the rest of your life. All these experiences will be evident when you look at your scrapbook.

Pictures and other items that you saved in your scrapbook will reinforce what is most important to you. Your scrapbook will also inspire you as you proceed with your life to additional activities. With scrapbook, you can also subtract things that you are no longer interested in having them in your scrapbook.

Can you imagine having a baby growing up with nothing to remind her of her childhood, for this reason, you can make a scrapbook where you can keep your baby’s childhood memories. This will help you share the memories with your child when she grows up.

I love to keep memories in a creative way and that is why I love scrap-booking. It is evident that scrapbooking is the best way to store the memories that you treasure. Just make good use of this art and enjoy life.

Can Color Red Do Good in Scrapbooking?

color red and scrapbookingThe color red in scrap-booking world is very rare. It seems like the paper crafting and scrap-booking themes are typically romantic in the sense of European tea party or an antebellum women’s luncheon. Here, you can expect plenty of off-white, pastels, plenty of lace, and curve elegant fonts. The emergence of new scrap-booking patterns which complement the modern scrap-booking era has included new colors, but still, red is rare. This can include geometric patterns; oval or circular shapes curved or even pointed borders that come together to create a good picture for your memories. These pictures are usually digitized and other scrapbook lovers can copy.

Even though inset patterns that are created for the duplication of the visual digital format, the use of color red is rarely dominant. In fact, it is usually used in vibrant and bold colors in a which lets it shine appears less common than the alternative use; color combinations. Color combination is a method of using several complementary colors and using them in a visual that gives each of them attention. In most cases, this combines a set of colors that complement one another.

The impression of colors is made by the actual interaction of these colors together, and we usually react as a result of how we are affected by color combination, instead of reacting to a particular color. It is like loving a pool that is over the ground, simply because it is unique from other pools that are on the ground, but not loving the pool out of its unique and quality installation that makes it comfortable and safe for use. You may even find yourself loving the pool even when it is cloudy and ignore clearing pool water when cloudy and this can lead to more harm in your family.

If we were to see a color that is dominant, a bold and almost starling color like red, we will be able to get a natural reaction that this color demands, just like we do with calming pastels and other traditional color combinations. According to the study of color therapy and inherent reactions of the colors we see, color red has effects on our systems. For example, color red represents the root chakra according to color expert Catherine Alvinivis. It is connected to sexual energy, action, work, and motivation. We usually see red used in ways that capitalize on this but can at time some hidden meaning.

The next time you walk by fire exit, see a red light or a stop sign; just consider how much our society values the ability of color red to motivate instinctive and quick behaviors for our advantage, well-being, and safety of others in the society as well.

Now, how can you as a scrap-booking fan use red to your advantage? One best start is to think of how this amazing color can please you in scrap-booking. If you find that some shades are pleasing you, one way to capitalize is to use red in connection with where you intend to bring an instinctive action or attention in an immediate way. Whichever memories you wish to create in a scrapbook, including red can be as great way to make your scrapbook amazing.


Top Scrapbooking Apps For iPad

ipad-for-scrapbookingOur school organizes for camping trips every summer and last summer I did not attend the trip because I was ill. I was therefore very excited about the next camping trip and when our teacher mentioned it, I was overjoyed. I had about a few weeks to look for a nice backpacking tent and replace my old sleeping bag with a good new bag.  But this was not the only thing that I was happy about, I had discovered some scrapbooking iPhone apps and I was going to capture every moment and store it in my digital scrapbook.

Scrapbooking has really come from a long way, from embellished albums to digital albums. Although traditional scrapbooking is not completely dead, it is surely declining. I have realized that creating digital scrapbook is much cheaper than a print scrapbook which may be the reason why print scrapbooking is fading slowly.

Starting a scrapbook on a tablet or iPad is quite easy and much fun. There are very many scrapbooking apps for iPad that you can use to create one. Check out my top apps for iPad.


This is a free app that allows you to create unique and high quality scrapbooks using different graphical elements. It allows you to add different themes, embellishments and backgrounds to your photo album. It comes with a free assortment of kits.  These free kits can be used to create different scrapbooks for special occasions such as weddings and birthdays.  There are also other paid kits that are usually made through the in-app store. It has a simple user friendly interface and good presentation. For only $4.99, you get to create unlimited scrapbooks.

Scrapbook: Tell your story

This app lets you do more than just sticking embellishments on your layout. You can add some voice notes, interactive maps and some great audio-visual elements to make your scrapbook more pretty. After creating your digital scrapbook, you can turn it into a fun flipbook and share it with your friends on facebook.

This app makes touch screen based scrapbooking very exciting. The touch based interface allows you to resize and rotate graphical elements with just your fingertips. You can easily drag and drop multiple elements in your digital journal.

Scrap it

This app makes digital scrapbooking such an exciting experience. It has unique controls and objects letting you create stunning scrapbooks for any occasions.

It has more than 1000 graphical objects, professionally done to give your scrapbooks a very lovely look. You can easily zoom all the objects with just a touch of your finger tips. After creating a scrap board, you can share it with your friends on twitter or facebook.


This app lets you create your own scrapbook by dragging and dropping lovely, bright layouts, borders, frames and your memorable photos to the scrap board. You can move, rotate or resize them with your fingertips. This app lets you control all elements and makes it much easier for you to bring overlapping elements in front or move them at the back with your fingertips.

You can create the number of scrapbooks you want as well as unlimited pages on a scrapbook. It comes with extra ordinary free kits that are great for both new designers as well as experienced scrap bookers. Each design in the kit is unique and eye catching. This app is absolutely free, the reason you should be scrapbooking on it.



Learn How to Digital Scrapbook in 5 Easy Steps

digital scrap-bookingLooking for an exiting new hobby? Do you have some valuable pictures lying around your house? Well, ten scrap-booking could be the hobby that you have been looking for. I myself love scrap-booking as this is what I do during my leisure time. Digital scrap-booking is easy, fast, and effective to get you going. All you need is basic computer skills which I know you already have since you are reading this article. Learn how to digital scrapbook in simple steps:

1. Get scrap-booking or Photoshop software

This is a step that you cannot skip because the result will depend on the type of scrapbook software that you have. A scrap-booking software can save you time and you will be able to tell the difference between a successful digital scrapbook and a failed one. You will be able to decide whether to invest in one piece of scrapbook software or more of photo shopping software. This is because fore both there are advantages and disadvantages and you will be able to make a wise decision.

2. Familiarize yourself with the scrap-booking software that you choose

If you have chosen to go with scrap-booking software, take time to learn everything about it. Make sure you know how everything works, however, you do not have to worry about this for every software has  a manual that you can use to get things right before getting down to business.

I have a friend who does scrap-booking as a career and he is very successful now. He spends better parts of his days on his computer pursuing his career. The only time he gets out of the house is when he is going out for a hair cut. He loves medium sized hairstyles whenever he is going for parties or trips. However, whenever he is going for an official function, he likes short haircuts for men so that he can look more professional. Hair is one thing that brings out ones fashion and personality statement and that is why even if he is always busy scrap-booking; he spares time to take care of his hair.

3. Collect your digital scrapbook material

Now, it is about time you start collecting digital scrap-booking material like pictures, layouts, images, buttons, brushes, and fonts. This way, you will have numerous tools at your disposal and you will not interrupt your scrap-booking session. It will also make it easier for you to learn how to scrapbook.

4. Make copies of the photos that you plan to use

Even if you have your photos on your computer, it might be wise to use copies of your computer. You might be instances where you might save or delete pictures that you are editing, and if you are using a copy of your photos, you will not lose it.

5. Do not be afraid of making mistakes

The beauty of digital scrap-booking is that you are allowed to make mistakes and it doesn’t matter much. All you will do in case of a mistake is to “undo” button and you can try again. This is because learning how to scrapbook is not an easy task and in the beginning everyone is prone to mistakes.

In conclusion, digital scrap-booking has the benefit of self worth in putting the finishing  touches on a signature project, which, just  like the one who made it is an inimitable creation. This is a benefit that any scrap-booking fan will confirm. It is also fun and a rewarding hobby that offers hours of enjoyment after your book is complete.

scrapbooking family history

Must Have Tools For Everyone Who Wants To Do Scrap Booking

scrapbooking family historyAfter learning scrapbooking from my dad who is now a construction worker consultant, I am an enthusiast of scrapbooking and I do it anytime I am free. Before my dad became a consultant, he worked as a construction worker in so many different states and this prompted him to start scrapbooking all those experiences. Sometimes, we go over his scrapbooks and have a good laugh at all memories. My family too enjoys scrapbooking and we find it a very fun activity to enjoy it especially on hot summer evenings when I am not working. I make a glass of nice homemade green juice for everyone with a very good juicer I got as a wedding present and then we settle out on the front porch to make our scrapbooks. Each one of us has their own scrapbook!
To get started on scrapbooking, you do not need a lot of supplies. You can begin with the essential craft tools and supplies. What are the basic tools and materials then? I am sure you often get lost when you walk into scrapbook store because you do not know where to start from. The products that are available for scrapbooking are so many and it can get overwhelming for beginners who do not know the must have products. This does not always have to be the case for everyone starting out scrapbooking. Here is a list of the must have tools for everyone who does scrap booking.

A sharp pair of scissors

If you want to enjoy scrapbooking, make sure you get yourself a nice sharp pair of scissors. Let that scissors be meant for scrapbooking only so that it always remains sharp and that you don’t have to spend time looking for it when you want to start scrapbooking.

An album

Get an album that fits your style and pick a color or pattern that is in sync with your albums theme.

Refill pages for your albums

Normally, refills are not found in standard sizes so when purchasing your album, it is wise to buy some refill pages so that you can get the same size and manufacturer. You will also avoid spending a lot of time looking for refills later.


Adhesives come in different styles. If you are starting out on scrapbooking, get yourself an acid-free adhesive that works well on both photos and cardstock.

Journal pens

You will need some journal pens for journaling. A nice acid-free, permanent pen with a fine tip would be great for hand writing. If you would like to include titles for your pages, buy a pen that has both a fine tip and a wider tip on the other end.

Patterned papers and Cardstock

Look for a paper that will go well with your photos. You can select different types of papers for each page of your scrapbook to make it more attractive.
Hey! What are you waiting for? Get yourself these inexpensive tools and start your own scrapbook. It is a fun way of keeping memories for a long time.

scrapbook software

Let’s Go Digital. Here’s How To Create A Digital Scrapbook On Your Computer

scrapbook softwareScrapbooking is fun and you get to preserve a lot of memorable moments with a scrapbook. A lot of scrapbooking fans prefer paper scrapbooks, but why don’t we save the environment and go digital? There are so many people who now enjoy scrapbooking the digital way. Forget the old method and learn the new scrapbooking trend. Digital scrapbooking also known as digi-scrapping or computer scrapbooking is a new method of scrapbooking which often will involve the use of computer and graphics software to form visual layouts so as to preserve those unique memories. A digital scrapbook will involve the use of graphic textures, clip arts, digital photos, and other photo elements with the aim of keeping memories in the form of digital photos.

I personally enjoy digital scrapbooking after one of my friends taught me how to do it.  We were just having a random chat about some good hair conditioner for her curly hair while going over some old photo albums when she mentioned the idea of digital scrapbooking and I got completely sold on it. Here is a step by step guide on how you can create your own digital scrapbook.

To create a digital scrapbook, you will need;

  • Scanner
  • Digital camera
  • Image editing software
  • Digital scrapbook starter kit
  • Selected photos
  • Scrapbook page templates

Here is how to create your digital scrapbook step by step

  1. Make use of image editing software


Use image editing software to create your digital scrapbook. There is a lot of image editing software that will offer a free trial download online. Try several of them and then settle on the one that best fits you.

  1. Choose photos and then scan them

Choose photos and then scan them into your image editing program. Alternatively, you can take photos with your digital camera and then upload them into your computer.

  1. Download digital scrapbook page templates

Look for digital scrapbook page templates online that can work with your computers software and then download them.

  1. Open the template.

On your image editor, open the template. Choose the save as option so that you can give the template a new name and save it as a new folder on your desktop. A template makes it easier for beginners of digital scrapbooking.

  1. Copy and insert photos

You can copy and insert your photos on the template page.

  1. Resize, adjust or move the photos

You can resize or adjust the photos to your liking on the template page. You can also select a font and color; add titles, journal or captions to your text on your page.

  1. Get yourself a digital starter  kit

You should consider getting yourself a full digital scrapbook starter kit. These should include some templates and page accessories such as dots, monograms, stripes and dots.

A digital scrapbook layout can be printed or put in an album or left in digital files which can be shared through the web, email or disc. Go ahead and try creating your first digital scrapbook.

scrapbook images

Thank God My Campus Memories Are All Safe In My Scrapbook.

scrapbook imagesBeing in campus was one of the most important stages in my life. The experiences that I went through during those days taught me very valuable life lessons. Last summer, we had a reunion in the campus that I was with and my husband and I attended the event. This was no event I was going to miss for any reasons! I have all my campus memories safely tucked in my scrapbook. This was a skill I learnt from my grandmother for storing all my fun, even those dull moments I had in campus together in a scrapbook. My scrapbook has even some written comments that she told me were called journals that vividly explain those events making it so stylish and unique.
I love bright colors and so my scrapbook is very bright with some major events standing out. Some of my close girlfriends did not even know that I had such a book that’s why I decided to carry it to the reunion. We had lots of fun at the reunion and there was a lot of great rum for everyone. However, since I am expecting, I did not dare touch any of them, although I would really have loved to, if only to remember those campus days we drunk till we dropped! I decided to order some non alcoholic beer. I watched with envy at everyone as they took their whiskey and wished I would do the same. When everyone was a bit high, I unleashed my scrapbook.
People could not belief they were actually the same people in the photos. Some were taken in our first year in campus. It was so much fun with everyone screaming that they were not the ones in the photos but eventually they accepted! This was 10 years after campus and a lot of people had changed. Everyone loved the idea of putting photos in a scrapbook since they were all able to see such photos of themselves that were taken way back in time. And what more, they looked so stylish in my scrapbook. Some of my old friends were so excited with the idea of creating a scrapbook and begged me to give them some hints on how to create their own scrapbooks.
Creating a scrapbook is quite easy, but the trick is to create a scrapbook that has a personal touch. Remember, the scrapbook is meant to preserve memories, so make it according to what you love. You can cut some colored papers, write your best quotes and make them frames of your photos. Be creative as you can be, and let your mind limit your imagination.
This is an activity your kids will also love to join you in because of the cutting and pasting involved so it can make a perfect hobby for you and your family.
The reunion was worth it since I felt more rejuvenated and some of my old campus mates promised to start making their own scrapbooks to store those unique moments in life. I certainly hope they will keep their word because making a scrapbook is so much fun!

How to Make A Scrapbook for Family Camping Adventure

camping in the wild with flowerFamily activities are important parts in family life. Home parties, family games and outdoor sports are typical family activities which is beneficial to the harmony of a family. Generally speaking, it takes less time to arrange the former two types of family activities. But outdoor sports vary with different sports. For common outdoor sports such as basketball, baseball or swimming, you may just need find suitable places and organize your families to do them. But for outdoor activities such as camping or hiking, it will take more time to make preparations.

Take camping for example. Camping is a complicated outdoor activity because you have to carry a lot of gears or devices to a certain place. In general, people will go camping in a natural place far away from your home. Therefore, you need basic knowledge about the camping gears, geographic location and survival skills in the wilderness. Although it is troublesome and even dangerous, it is necessary to take camping adventure, especially for children. It is the best way to master survival skills and get close to nature. For example, you can ask your children to help prepare for camping gears. The principal camping gears include outdoor knife, campus, tent, tent pegs and spade, etc. In this way, children may make careful preparations, show interest in gears or tools and foster strong operational ability. There are lots of resources online about knives, tents, sleeping bags, etc., so make sure you study all these camping gears before teaching your kids about them. In addition to preparatory work, you and your family can participate the whole process.

Camping adventure is so important that you don’t want to miss anything about it. Except for the practical skills of camping, you may want to leave some photos or memories. For this purpose, a scrapbook is a good choice. A scrapbook can record a lot of meaningful thing about your families and camping adventure. During the process of preparation and camping, relevant activities can be taken pictures or painted or written in words. Every moments of your families are worthy recording and recollecting in your life, otherwise you would miss too much warm and significant moments.

Through scrapbooking, you can record dribs and drabs of your family lives. But how to make a scapebook for family camping adventure? You and your families might be busy with camping and forget anything else, therefore you may keep the following tips in minds before and during the camping adventure.

1) collect and record important information about the camping adventure. For example, you can write down the route, geographical location, time schedule, necessary gears and equipments. These words can be put in the scrapbook. Words together with photos are complete elements for a scrapbook.

2) Take pictures of your families when they are making preparation for camping adventure. You may also have a group photo before starting;

3) Take pictures of scenes on the road.

4) Take pictures of camping activities. For example, the photos of your kids making a tent, your husband using a bushcraft knife to crave wood and all the families making camp fire are interesting memories.

5) Draw pictures about the scenes or camping. Even if photography is a convenient way to record, painting is still a special and unreplaceable way to record funny things. You need pay more attention to the things themselves.

6) Writing blogs and travel notes. Photos or paintings can record some moments, but only writing can record your feeling and emotion at those moments.


Scrapbook Helps Me Keep My Top 5 Memories

dog_costumeMaking scrapbook is one of my favorite hobbies. This is because a scrapbook is the best way to keep a good memory of something you cherished. I am a pet lover and I once had a Dog that I adored and considered as part of my life. When he parted, I was so sad and I found that the best ways to keep his memories burning is creating a scrapbook to keep memories and pictures of him. I used to take pictures of everything he did and so it was easy for me to create a scrap book. With just a little money and passion for your pet, you can create precious memories that will last lifetime. I’ll also encourage you to considering adopting a pet. A dog just makes my life so much  more fun. If you have allergies, then get a short hair dog that doesn’t shed hair, as recommended here.

My top 5 best memories with my dog

1. One of my favorite memories with my dog is that of Halloween. I was doing laundry and Tom (my dog) got into my inner-wear and it appeared as if he was wearing it as a costume and so I took a picture of it. Then later that night, he went over to my sister and her friend and they were acting cute in front of him. He acted funny towards them, and when I compared the look to how she looks at my mum and any female friend, I realized he loved human females.

2. The next time I took him to my friend’s place and he was so friendly towards her parents. He was to befriend my friend’s cat but the cat was so mean, but tom was really trying to be friendly. I could not help but take a picture of him with the cat. On the train back home, so many people were looking at him and were like… “Wow, he is so cute” I even loved him more for I knew I had a great dog.

3. That one time, my sister, Tom, and I were watching the “twilight zone” episode and tom was so happy that day as if he knew what was going on that he licked by sister hand while keenly watching the screen and was purring. That picture reminds me so much of him today. Tom was always present even when my sister and I were playing puzzle game and he always looked keen when watching us play. Of course, we gave him plenty of good food (not ‘bad’ food, we actually gave him some of the best high fiber food vet recommended) and tasty treats every time.

4. Each time I watch Akibaranger or any other movie on my laptop, I usually get sad for I usually remember tom. He used to sleep on me as if he too was watching. I could not help but include that picture on my scrapbook to memorize him.

5. Another favorite memory with tom was when he was ill, in his last days and he was waiting at the vet for appointment. There was this kid who was very upset and cranky. Tom went over to the kid and gave her a kiss at the leg and they immediately became friends. He just lied on the floor and the kid petted him all over. He loved the attention she was giving him and she too was happy to be with him. The picture of them really looks great.

Hairstyle Ideas For My Scrapbook

hairstyle_scrapbookI have been experimenting with several hairstyles over the last few months. My desire to explore new styles began when a friend commented that I always wear my hair the same way for every occasion. It has been exciting as I discover different ways to wear my hair to achieve a unique look every time. I have also learned some tricks to make it easy to achieve the styles I desire. Here are some hairstyles of my favorites.

Side Braid

I never thought a side braid would look great on me but I discovered that it does not have to be perfect. Imperfections actually make this hairstyle look amazing. Am not very good at braiding and some of the loose strands always fall out of my plait. This is the appeal in the hairstyle. It makes me seem carefree and gives me a tousled look.

Half Updo

A half updo is a great choice especially when I want a beachy look. To get this hairstyle, I use sea salt spray on damp hair. This helps to bring out my natural texture. The ends still remain straight and this makes my hair look like it has been swept by the wind. I usually let it air dry and this allows it to take shape.

Twisty Updo

Another favorite is a twisty updo. I start by sectioning my hair off beginning with the bottom before I twist it upwards. I secure the hair as I twist it.

Sleek Pony

I love ponytails and this is how I usually wore my hair before I started to experiment with different styles. This is a sleek version of the standard pony. It is less boring and it gives me a polished look. I prefer to hold it to one side. To secure the pony, I use elastics that match my hair color. This makes the style appear sleek.

Hairline Braid

For a stylish look, I wear my hair in a hairline braid. This is one of the tricks I have learned to dress up my ponytail. I make a deep side part before I start to braid. This allows me to have more hair to braid. I use bobby pins to secure my braid to make sure it stays in shape.

Sideswept Strands

When I want to wear my hair straight, I blow it out using a round brush and use a flat iron to touch up some of the areas that need a little more work. This style allows me to wear my hair over my shoulder and look elegant.

Shampoo and Conditioner

I also discovered that the secret to a great looking hairstyle lies in the type of shampoo and conditioner that I use. I found a few good recommendation from easy hair care tips and I realize that a shampoo that does not produce a lot of lather works better on my hair. Shampoos with a lot of lather tend to leave build up in my hair. Rockaholic turned out to be a great sulfate free solution for me.

My hair looks better when I apply products a few minutes before I style. I let my conditioner seep into my hair strands before I curl or straighten my hair. Loreal’s Everpure works magic on my hair.

Finally, I’d like to share a cool YT video about “running late” hairstyles.



Learning To Run A Scrapbook Supply Shop – Tips for Hiring Cashier

CashierRunning a scrap-booking supply shop is not a easy task. There are just so many little things to do. As you grow your business, you will soon need to hire workers to help you. In this article I’d like to share some tips on hiring cashiers. Cashier might seem like a easy job, but don’t forget this is probably one of the most “customer-facing” position in your shop. A bad experience with the cashier might cause you to permanently lose a customer.

Now, let’s talk about the definition of “cashier”. A cashier is an individual whose responsibility is mainly handling money; this may include noting all the expenses keeping a clean and clear register and maintain good customer service at all times. In every company, there are policies and the cashier is expected to do every task precisely and proficiently.

3 tips for hiring cashier for scrapbooking supply shop

As an employer, there are things that you need to look at and understand while reviewing the resume of a potential cashier. Ensure that you go through every vital information. Below are a few characteristics you need to check in the resume.

For one to be successful in this field one should be very sharp when it comes to mathematical skills. This is because the main duty of a cashier is to be responsible of the money, counting the cash draws and maintaining the receipt. When it comes to this field of work math is everything since you will need to count the cash at and balancing the accounts. A slight accounting mistake could cause more problems to the business and therefore you need to be very accurate while doing the math. This job suits best people who have sharp brain and are able to handle difficult mathematical accounting.

A cashier needs to have strong interpersonal skills. In this type of job, communication with customers is inevitable. Therefore, if you do not possess the necessary skills, the customer will not be satisfied with the services offered. In most cases, this may result to low sales and even the collapse of the business. Therefore, the cashier should be able to communicate with clients in a friendly and professional way. civility is very vital when it comes to any form of business.

A cashier must possess organizational skills. Note that he or she has many tasks to handle though it might not be so easy since all of these tasks are related to payment. Therefore, these skills are very vital for the success of the company. These skills are vital as they help in preventing any miscalculations that may occur due to mixed up documents or lost receipt. Such disorganization is a disaster to any business.

The above are some of the things I look for in a cashier. I’m also always looking for opportunities to promote a good cashier because a successful cashier can usually do other things well.

For People Looking For a Cashier Position

First of all, you should prepare a resume when submitting applications even if it’s not required. See some examples here. An ideal cashier should possess good customer service skills and capable of working under pressure. You should be able to be friendly to everyone in your job and feel comfortable while serving them for quality services.

Always remember to acknowledge the general knowledge about the retail environment. This helps you feel more comfortable working in a given area. Take note of the basic business processes and procedures and make use of the available means and technologies to search for products. Note that you need to be able to handle every client. In business, it is normal to find some people who are rude and stubborn. You need to be an individual who is able to handle such people without taking any offense on bad words said or uttered to you.

Can’t Find a Cashier’s job? Don’t worry. There are plenty of other job opportunities. For example, you can consider becoming a nanny if you are good with kids. Waiter and waitress in restaurant are also in consistent short-supply.  The key thing to remember is not to just sit around and wait for the “perfect” job to come to you. You need to go out and find it!

Tips For A Hair Design – What You Can Put Into ScrapBook

hair_jewelryMost women have an impending desire to achieve the best look and this goes along way with wearing a perfect hair design. Essentially, the hair design that suits a woman is one which complements her body physique and skin color and hence women need to understand themselves well before making a choice. However, most women are beaten by the task of choosing the best hair design and here are amazing tips that can help them.

Use a shampoo conditioner that lathers less

Basically, shampoos which lathers a lot are stuffed with moisturizing products. To this effect, when you use such shampoos a build-up will be left in your hair, hence making you to feel and look dirty shortly after the hair design. Therefore, you should opt for shampoo products which are sulfate-free and you will rest assured of getting the best hair design which makes you feel very comfortable. You should also try to pick the right shampoo for the look you are going for. Fro example, use a volumizing shampoo to add volume to your hair. Click here to see products recommended by experts.

Use rollers for high-volume

When it comes to a hair design that involves blow drying, then you should consider using rollers. For instance, if you are making a Mohawk design, then you should divide your hair into three sections; wrap each section with a 2 inch Velcro hair roller. After 30minutes of the wrapping, you will be free to un-wrap the strands, then comb them lightly to give you the best Mohawk design.

Apply hair products 10 minutes before the design

As a matter of fact, applying shampoo and other hair products 10 minutes before any make-up helps your hair to fully absorb them. Therefore, whether you will be straightening or curling your hair then it will be a prudent idea for you to apply moisturizers, hair conditioners among other products in advance and your hair strands will get all the benefits of these products.

Wrap your hair for quick curls

Additionally, if you are curling your hair with a curling iron then you should consider wrapping all the sections of the hair around the iron kit. After the wrap you can leave the iron kit to curl your hair for 10 seconds and you will rest assured of getting soft and sexy hair curls. here is more tips on using curling iron.

Play cold and hot to dry your hair

Basically, after a hair design you will have to dry your hair in sections. If you are going to use a round brush in drying your hair then the best way to do it, is by starting from the roots of your hair strands to the ending section. Alternate between hot and cold brush after every 5 seconds and you will rest assured of having the best blowout.

Final word

It is evident that, you can easily achieve a gorgeous color or a bombshell blowout thus you should utilize the above tricks and stay committed to them.

Use scrapbooking to record a camping trip – the photos you need to include

camping_scrapbookingPeople have been making scrapbooks for many years as a hobby. Scrapbooking is a beautiful and creative method to store memories and pictures of significant celebrations and events. This is because you can use different designs and decorations in creating a scrapbook. You can even add unique images and colors together with the taken pictures.

If you are planning on going for a camping trip and would like to capture all the fun moments, then scrapbooking is the best option you can make use of. Keeping yourself and your partners entertained while on camping trips can be a bit challenging, especially if you have been accompanied by children. This is because children have a short attention span. So as to keep all the parties attuned to the camping environment, making a camping scrapbook is recommended.

If you have no idea on how to make a camping scrapbook, the following are a few tips:

1. Explain the project to all the parties to accompany you before you set off on your camping trip. Tell them to pay close attention to the surroundings, animals you will encounter on the way, chirping of the birds, the colors of the birds, basically everything. The point is to be able to note down as many moments you experience out there on the scrapbook such that they will have something to look back after returning home.

2. Take a visit to craft stores and bookstores to get scrapbooking materials such as stickers, art paper, markers, crayons, pencils, scissors, ribbon, glue, and fun scrapbooks.

3. Divide the scrapbook into sections and label them depending on the activity. Here are some examples: -

- making tents

- making fire

- using my favorite camping knife. I pick mine from this website.

- my survival kit

- leaves I found

- insects I saw in the woods

- my favorite camping songs

Just be as creative as you can and record any fun activity.

4. If it is in line with your budget, get most of your partners their own cameras and encourage them to take pictures of everything that catches their interest. Make sure everyone knows how to use a camera and give them the freedom to take pictures of whatever they feel is fun – this is what is going to make a scrapbook interesting and unique.

5. Photos to include in your scrapbook. While camping, many people pay too much attention on the wildlife or the landscapes and forget to take photos of typical camping scenes. Capturing a photo of people in your party walking down the trail, the stars at night, a group of people around a campfire or a tent perched on a mountainside will most likely be the most memorable photos from the camping event.

Scrapbooking craft is a very great way to keep pictures and photos in a safe manner and share them with anyone at a later date. It’s a very nice way to make a collection of all the photos taken during a significant celebration or events such a camping trip. By being creative, scrapbooking can be enjoyable and fun for a lot of people.